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ASB Elections Informational Meeting

If you’re interested in running for an ASB elected position, there will be a meeting in X201 on Wednesday, March 19th at Support. If you miss this meeting you can download the forms below and turn them in to X201 by 3/26. All forms are due into X201 by 3/26.

Click to download forms:

ASB Election Petition Sheet
ASB Spring Elections Campaign Guidelines 2014-15
Teacher Recommendation Form


CHS Garden

If you haven’t seen what many students at our school have been working on yet, be sure to check it out! The beginnings our CHS native garden have been planted. A group of students have spent some afternoons after school to make this happen. There are plans to extend the garden and it is not too late to get involved! Give a helping hand and come earn service learning hours. Be sure to listen to announcements to hear when the next gardening date is. Not only will you be helping to beautify our campus, but enable our science classes to use the area for educational purposes. Become an active member in improving our school and come out and show us if you got a green thumb!

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Check out the new Community blog!

Our school is filled with extremely kind and generous people. And we want to acknowledge that. So, our community commissioners have started a blog, where each post will show the impact of our efforts in our community. To begin, check out the first post on our recent Adopt-a-Family event! Click here for the direct link to the post or go to the Community page.

Instructions to find the Community page:

1. Look to the right for the Navigation bar.

2. Click the link named “Community”








And you’re done! See you all on the new page!



Monday, December 16th- ODD DAY- no finals
0: 7:00a-7:49a
1st: 7:55a- 9:30a
3rd: 9:49a- 11:29a
5th: 12:15p- 1:50p

Tuesday, December 17th- EVEN DAY- Zero period finals only
0: 7:00a – 8:40a
2nd: 9:00a-10:35a
4th: 10:54a- 12:34a
6th: 1:20p- 2:55p

Wednesday, December 18th – ODD DAY- Science Math, World Language
0: 7:00a- 7:50a
Support: 7:50a-8:36a
1st: 8:42-10:23a
3rd: 10:42-12:28p
5th: 1:14p-2:55p

Thursday, December 19th- EVEN DAY- Science, Math, World language
0: 7:00a- 7:50a
Support: 7:50a-8:36a
2nd: 8:42a-10:23a
4th 10:42a-12:28p
6th: 1:14p-2:55p

Friday December 20th- TRADITIONAL DAY- No finals
0: 7:00a-7:49a
2nd: 8:58a-9:55a
3rd: 10:11a-11:11a
4th 11:17a- 12:14p
5th: 1:00p- 1:57p
6th: 2:03p- 3:00p